Skear Zines resists homogenisation and celebrates querenesse. It gives space to those voices that might not fit into traditional publishing models, voices that have been sidelined or as yet unheard, voices that have small (yet big) things to say, voices that will sing in unconventional forms.

We’re interested in writing that straddles prose and poetry, fiction and memoir, narrative and non-consecutive sequences, short or longer pieces, fragments or some other form. We’re open to combining image with text, embedding web-based audio into the zines and more…

A skear is a low rocky outcrop in the sea. The word is a derivation of skerry which is a derivation of the Norwegian skjaer. Skear is used around Morecambe Bay, in northern England.

It is a word that changes shape. That comes from elsewhere, that refers to something that also changes shape: the outcrops are shunted and shifted by currents. The pamphlets / zines are a shape-shifting of the A3 sheet folded into various shapes and sizes that open in different ways; forms that extend the textual content into a physical dimension.

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