Skear Zines Call Out! 2022

Skear Zines is a collective of three artist writers who are interested in collaboration, making a difference, curiosity and love.

We’re looking for writing that straddles prose and poetry, fiction and memoir, narrative and non-consecutive sequences, short or longer pieces (anything from 50 – 2400 words), fragments or some other experimental form. We are open to combining image with text, embedding web-based audio into the zines and other things we’ve not yet thought of.

We want to work with writers who are interested in collaboration and willing to work closely with an editor to bring the zine to life.

We’re particularly interested in working with people who haven’t been published or whose work has been overlooked. 

Each zine is a folded A3 sheet, printed on recycled coffee cups.

Due to postage costs we can only work with writers who either live in the UK or have a contact in the UK we can send the work to.

If you have writing that is suitable to be worked into a zine format, send that, or a sample of work in progress. Send between 50 – 1200 words to in a single word document, with “Zine Call Out! 2022” in the email header, and your name as the doc title.

Key dates:

Call closes: midnight 20th June 2022 BST
Writers contacted: week of 25th July
Editing and formatting: Aug – Oct 
Launch: mid November 2022

We encourage you to explore Skear Zines by looking at our past Zines on our website.

Can two writers submit for one zine?
We are happy to work with exisiting collaborators, as long the word count fits the criteria and you are both willing to work with us on editing your work, if necessary.

Can I submit my own artwork with my writing?
You’re most welcome to submit your original artwork with your writing, although we can’t guarentee to accept it alongside the writing (see below)

Will you take all the work I submit?
The zine is the queen of the editing process. The format for your work decides what of the work you submit will best fit. It might be that we cannot fit all the writing comfortably in the zine we think is best suited to the writing, and will give more space for the work to breath within the folds.

Does the work need to be thematically linked?
Do consider how your writing will cohere as one zine. It can be separate texts which accumulate to more than them solo, or it can be a single piece of prose. Be intuitive, is probably the best way to approach what to submit. Or have a look at the zines we’ve published previously.

How do I know which format of zine my writing will be set in?
You won’t, and we won’t, until we’ve selected the writing and had conversations with the writers about their aspirations for the work and our own responses to it.

Do I have to be based in the UK to submit?
Due to postage costs we can only work with writers who either live in the UK or have a contact in the UK we can post the zines to.

How many zines will be printed from my submission?
Print run is 40 zines
Writer receives 20 zines for their use
Skear Zines retains 20 zines for review/promo & to cover paper and printing costs

Are you looking for any subjects or themes in particular?
As we say on the About page Skear Zines responds to the writers we work with. It aims to resist homogenisation, and celebrate querenesse. It wants to give space to those voices that might not fit into traditional publishing models, voices that have been sidelined or as yet unheard, voices that have small (yet big) things to say, voices that will sing in unconventional forms.

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